When it comes to a dorm room, walls don’t need to talk to say a lot about the people who reside in it. They don’t need to be elaborate, original or colorful to be able to show the passions, hobbies and personalities of their inhabitants. However, there are always a few that stand out from the rest because they aren’t a typical dorm room. The residents of these rooms knew the potential of what their spaces could say about them and made sure to fulfill it. 

The first room pictured above belongs to Megan Alexander. Time and effort clearly went into the aesthetic appeal. This is clear from the small features such as dim lighting and how the clock and drapes are within the same color scheme as the walls. The dorm breathes relaxation with an artistic flair.DSC02955

The sports themed dorm room pictured above belongs to Skyler Hunter and Adam Eberhart. A space like this may not be hard to find in a college man’s dorm, but this one goes above the usual. Jerseys line the entire room and a few things become immediately evident: someone likes basketball and is a fan of Michael Jordan and LeBron James. This is a perfect example of a room that can reveal a lot about the passions and interests of its residents.


The last room pictured above is one of the most unique on campus. For McKenna Harpring, Maria George, Erin Johns, Jessica Green, Madelyn Keller, Claire Egler, Tylar Missbach, and Megan Line it is Christmas all year long. Snowflakes hang from the ceiling, stockings are out and a “fireplace” crackles invitingly. These residents are obviously fun-loving and crafty, not a bad thing for someone to find out from the appearance of a dorm room.

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