Dear Editor,

I would like to think I speak for many to most of us Veritas, elder students on campus, but I won’t be so brazen to believe that.

Bellarmine students rock.

I have been in Veritas for three years now, two semesters every year, taking classes on campus.

Everywhere I go, regular Bellarmine students seem to pop up out of nowhere to open doors for me, let me go through doors in front of them, ask if I need help with finding a building or help me to find a room.

I have been treated kindly and courteously every inch of my time on campus. I don’t require any of this treatment, but yet I am treated with the utmost respect, I feel.

Bellarmine students are a shining example of what I hope the world will soon be: peaceful, kind, loving, courteous, intelligent and mannerly.

It is a pleasure to be amongst you. From me to you.

Bellarmine students ROCK!

Bonnie Griffith

Veritas member

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