Dee Farrell has one of the most unique and special jobs on Bellarmine’s campus.  Farrell drives the trolley for campus tours.  The tour takes potential students and their parents around the Highlands area to see the exceptional neighborhood that surrounds Bellarmine.  Farrell is also well-known by the students and faculty for her hospitality and friendliness on campus. She even won a Bellie Award at Bellarmine for her hospitality.

Q: Tell me about where you’re from and how you got to Louisville.

A: I am from Louisville, moved to Virginia in 2003, then moved to West Virginia, then moved back to Louisville in 2009.

Q: How long have you worked at Bellarmine?

A: I’ve worked at Bellarmine since 2012.

Q: What do you think makes Bellarmine unique?

A: How they acknowledge people for the different things that they do. I also like how they take cancer to a whole another level. Every year there’s some type of event going on for cancer, because I am a cancer survivor and I think it’s great how they recognize people for their survival.

Q: What’s your favorite part about your job?

A: It is driving that trolley.  It’s very challenging driving it, especially out on Bardstown Road. That’s like why I like driving big vehicles, because it’s a challenge. But I love what I do.

Q: How do you interact with the visitors?

A: Whenever I see someone, especially if I see them face to face, I will speak to them, say hello. I’ll greet them.  I usually like to say, “How are you doing?” or “How’s your day?”

Q: What’s your relationship with the students on campus?

A: I love them. I’ll speak to them and they’ll speak to me. I just love being around them. Bellarmine is a very energetic campus and very outgoing.

Q: What’s your best memory at Bellarmine?

A: It was when I was recognized by Dr. McGowan and his wife at a basketball game.  They gave me a jersey and recognized me during the game along with other cancer survivors.

I was surprised to know that President McGowan was sponsoring me to come there and walk with him. That was pretty much my best memory.

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