I had no idea what to try for my edition of Bite of Bardstown, so I drove up and down the road. I looked at a couple restaurants, passed them by, and looked for some place that I hadn’t visited.

Then I saw it, shining through my rainy, somewhat dirty windshield: La Bamba, Burritos the Size of Your Head.

Walking into La Bamba, I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place. It looked almost more like an old Jack in the Box or a Wendy’s than a Mexican restaurant, with its large windows and booths.

I looked at the menu, ordered a Super Burrito, and watched as it was cooked in front of me.

Quickly, it was finished, and I got my first look at a Super Burrito.

The presentation wasn’t really anything to write home about. I was given a tray that appeared to be re-purposed from a middle school with a plain, nondescript plate holding a monstrously large burrito.

The sign outside was right, it was certainly the size of my head. After comparing it to my wallet, and being amazed it cost only about $8, I dug in. I’ll be honest, after seeing the size of the massive burrito, I didn’t expect it to be great. I only expected it to fill me up.

It was delicious. The beef I got was perfect, cooked to perfection and not too salty. Everything mixed together well. From the beans to the onions, everything came together to make a great burrito.

Other offerings from La Bamba included 99 cent tacos and vegetarian options, which makes it a very reasonable and inclusive option for college students.

La Bamba is also open until 3 am, which is perfect for late-night flights or other nocturnal activities.

I’d highly recommend La Bamba, the burrito I had was both massive and delicious, and I’ll probably be back soon.

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