By Layla Kellogg

One of Bellarmine’s longest and most unique traditions is soon returning. This year’s Ball on the Belle will take place Friday, Oct. 20 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The Ball on the Belle is a yearly dance for Bellarmine students and guests on the historic Belle of Louisville, an 100-year-old steamboat that cruises the Ohio River.

Mariah Creason, president of the Bellarmine Activities Center, said the event is something almost every member of the Bellarmine community can share.

“Ball on the Belle is one of the traditions students start hearing about from the first time they come on campus for a tour,” Creason said. “The event goes back decades, and out of all the activities students and alumni get to experience, this one does not change.”

The Ball will have its annual costume contest, featuring five different categories with prizes.

Shelby Durbin, co-chair of the event, said the prizes all involve this year’s theme: Heroes and Villains.

“The theme this year is awesome,” Durbin said. “And you can have such an amazing time coming up with costumes.”

This year’s Ball isn’t only for those who enjoy dancing.

Annie Williams, co-chair of the event, said there are new activities planned for the upper deck this year.

“Shelby and I really wanted to make the event enjoyable for everyone, not just students who come for the dance,” Williams said.

Williams said she thinks students will also be very excited to see everyone’s costumes.

Ciara Wright, a Bellarmine senior who attended the event last year, said her favorite part was the atmosphere.

“It was just fun to hang out with friends and enjoy being on the water,” Wright said.

Although senior Alex Blair has never attended the event, said he is looking forward to it this year and absolutely recommends it to all students.

“I let myself be consumed by other activities all of my three years at BU and I missed out,” Blair said. “My advice is: don’t let other things stop you from enjoying this part of college life. Take this one night to see how the other half of college is meant to be.”

Creason said 559 students attended last year. The BAC’s goal for this year is 600 students.

“Your time at Bellarmine is short,” Durbin said. “So you better make the most of it.”

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