By Liberty Kyle

I recently sat down with the former co-president of Freshman Task Force, Holly Cox, to get a the background of the recently made campus organization focused specifically on freshmen. FTF is currently in the process of finding a new president and other members of the Executive Board through the freshman class.

Q: What is your position on FTF?

A: Michael Hardy and I are the former co-presidents of FTF. We led meetings, organized committees and helped plan and delegate events.

Q: What is the purpose of FTF?

A: The purpose of FTF is to promote freshmen involvement and retention in a positive way. We aim for freshmen to find their fit here at Bellarmine and help them form connections through collaboration with other organizations and RSOs.

Q: What are some of the events that they did last year?

A: Last year FTF did a couple of collaborations with other RSOs. We paired with B.U.G. (Bellarmine University Gaming) to host a Mardi Gras Game Knight and also with BU Kayaking to have a local kayaking trip. Both events had a pretty good turnout rate.

Q: Do you have plans for this year yet?

A: Michael and I have several ideas for the upcoming year, but it’s ultimately up to the new freshmen on FTF. They have expressed ideas of more collaborations and both on and off campus events, small and large scale. We also plan to start engaging in campus and community service.

Q: Are there a lot of freshmen interested?

A: We had about 50 freshmen sign up for FTF at the Involvement Fair. We’ve only had one meeting so far but plans for recruitment are still being implemented. There isn’t a limit on how many people can join, so anyone is welcome.

Q: What does the future look like for FTF?

A: The new freshmen members of FTF have showed a tremendous amount of ambition and creativity. I have no doubt that they will be able to keep FTF alive and lead it to be even stronger than it was last year. FTF is still fairly new and has small kinks that need to be fixed, but things are looking up.

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