By: Nick King

  Branching out and trying something new is never easy.  Nobody likes change, so trying this restaurant may be a little out of your comfort zone.  Pho Cafe, a Vietnamese restaurant on Bardstown Road, does not serve ordinary dishes.

  Pho is extremely high on the list of commonly mispronounced words.  People believe the “o” in Pho is long, but the word is actually pronounced “fuh.”

  Located at 1704 Bardstown Road, this cafe is open Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on weekends from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

  Pho has a background that goes much more in depth than just a plain bowl of soup.  This soup dates back to the 20th century in Northern Vietnam and was sold on street corners for an affordable price right after the Vietnam War.  Now this chain restaurant has taken on the United States, including Bardstown Road.

  Pho refers to the noodles in the soup, not the soup itself.  The noodles are flat, long, thin, rice noodles. The two main types of soup are the Pho Bo, which is made with beef broth, and the Pho Ga, which is made with chicken broth.  If you ask for just a Pho you will commonly get the Pho Bo.

  I had a chance to experience Pho Cafe for dinner and chose to eat the Pho Bo Combo with Beef and Meatballs for $12.50.  The Pho Bo’s succulent warm broth, long shoestring noodles, and thinly sliced strips of beef were all handcrafted into perfection in a bowl.  Simply, this Pho Bo dish was to die for.

  Also, something else that is extremely delicious that I got for an appetizer are the egg rolls.  They were a perfect combination of pork, shrimp, vegetables and noodles hand rolled and fried. They come in rolls of three, and only cost $4.50.

 The atmosphere was very casual but elegant with simple varieties of Vietnamese food pictures along the cream walls.  There was nothing flashy to distract from your delicious Pho Bo.

  This restaurant has a fantastic staff that brings you table service, so you dine comfortably.

  Parking can be a little tricky because it is located next to Sapporo and Wild Ginger on Bardstown Road.  There are a few spots reserved for Pho Cafe, and the rest is street parking. Because it is not that well-known yet, parking is not terrible but I can see it becoming a problem in the future.

  This little cafe should definitely be on your list of restaurants to try if you want to go with a unique dinner. Visit in the winter, and a nice Pho Bo will warm you right up. Trust me you will not need anything to go with it because it is so filling.

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