By: Rebecca Waskevich

What was your weirdest experience on campus?

Steven Cheppo

Vice President of Educational Affairs

There was a man dressed as Santa with a box speaker walking through the quad playing Christmas rap music. It was a grown man, not a student.


Logan Finn

Vice President of Recreation Intramural, and Athletic Affairs

I was at UDH with my girlfriend and I went to grab a fry off her plate, but she turned around and it wasn’t my girlfriend.


Charlie Derossett

Senior Representative

I was in the SAC during orientation planning and five of the eight people I was with spontaneously started crying. It was synchronized. It was very odd.


Why did you run for SGA?

Braden Hall

Vice President of Public Relations

I ran for SGA because I wanted to meet new people. I was always uncomfortable getting involved and I wanted to challenge myself.


Crystal Bhagwandin

Senior representative

I joined SGA because I saw what SGA was doing and I saw all my friends, and I thought what a better way to get involved than to positively affect the student body. So I ran and lost, and then I ran again and I won.


Leah Mudd


I wanted to run to make a difference, and I wanted to be a voice for the students. My campaign slogan was “Want change? Let’s talk.” Being that advocate and bettering your school is a really good feeling.


Andrew Chandler

Chief of Staff

I joined SGA because I have a passion for advocating for students, so they get back the portion of the student activity fee they pay.


What’s your favorite campus tradition?

Nick Rudisill

Vice President of Finance

My favorite campus tradition is the basketball games. I’m at almost all of them, even the road games I can make.


Margaret Raabe

Vice President of RSO

My favorite tradition is Sparks at Knight. It brings new students and returning students together to celebrate a new year. Who doesn’t love fireworks, right?


Ryan Stevens

Senior Representative

I’ve always loved Ball on the Belle, and that’s the reason I joined BAC. I like Ball on the Belle because you see freshmen break out of their shells. And it’s a tradition that’s been going on for like 35 years.


Sam Huff

Senior Representative

My favorite tradition is Relay For Life. I love the atmosphere because everyone is so nice and they are all there for the same reason: to help people. I have fond memories of my best friends and I walking the laps and having a great time.


What was your best Bellarmine experience?

Katie Rogers

Senior Representative

My best experience was when I lived in KNew. I was a freshman, and I was in the Galileo learning community. When I finally got to move to Petrik I was ecstatic.

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