By: Alex Scott

Six years after Braydon Hobbs graduated from Bellarmine University with a criminal justice degree, he has two kids and has played for nine different basketball teams, including his current team, Bayern Munich, in Munich, Germany.

Hobbs was part of Bellarmine’s 2011 NCAA Championship team. He earned awards such as First-team All Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) twice and GLVC Player of the Year in 2012.

Scott Davenport coached Hobbs during his time at Bellarmine and always realized he was a special player.

 “He does what special people do. He is not only great but extraordinary because he makes others better,” Davenport said. 

Although he found success at Bellarmine, Hobbs never expected to play overseas after graduating.

“I didn’t think it was possible because I was playing Division 2, but it worked out in the end,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs gives credit to his father for encouraging him try playing overseas. After his senior year, Hobbs said he focused on working out to get ready for a new basketball career. 

Bellarmine also has influenced his career and life, Hobbs said. He learned to develop his on-court skills, which allowed him to pursue his goals in life and basketball. 

“In basketball, I was taught to use the game of basketball and not let it use me,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs is competing in the Euroleague, which is the top league in Europe. This league is also the second best in the world behind the NBA, but he did not start out here.

“I have had to work my way up from the lower leagues, but it has all been worth it,” Hobbs said. 

   Because he started in the lower leagues, Hobbs has had the opportunity to travel around the world as he moved from team to team. He started his professional career in Australia and has moved to Spain, Hungary and Germany.

   “My family and I have made some great memories traveling around, and we hope to make a lot more,” Hobbs said.

   Success still follows Hobbs in his professional career. Hobbs earned ProA Player of the Year and the Queensland Basketball League Grand Final most valuable player award in 2015. With Bayern Munich, Hobbs won the Professional Basketball League last year so now the team will be competing in the Euroleague.

   “It’s the first year I will get to compete in the Euroleague…I would like to play in the Euroleague playoffs and hopefully win another professional championship before I retire,” Hobbs said. 

   At Bellarmine, many people have compared senior Adam Eberhard to Hobbs when it comes to work ethic, skill and determination.

   “People tell me all the time that I remind them of Braydon, and honestly, that is a great compliment. He is someone I have looked up to since coming to Bellarmine,” Eberhard said.

   Eberhard said he enjoys catching up with Hobbs throughout their seasons and has received a lot of guidance from him.

“Whenever Braydon gets to come back to the States, he always makes time to meet with me. I really like being around him and hearing about his experience, so I can hopefully follow a similar path once I graduate,” Eberhard said.

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