By: Alex Honeycutt

It was a warm Friday night in October when my five friends and I decided to try Sapporo Sushi at 1706 Bardstown Road. We went to the lavishly furnished, elegantly styled establishment to celebrate completing our midterms. This was the first time I tried sushi. 

We were promptly seated by the staff. The place was starting to get busy when we arrived, but we were quickly given menus and waters to drink. 

Staring at the array of options that were listed before me, I had no idea what to order. However, with some advice from my friends, and the somewhat impatient waitress, I chose the basic California roll. 

While we waited for the rolls to arrive, my friends and I marveled at the lavish decor and the blistering inferno emanating from the hibachi grills behind us. We were promptly given our orders. 

I hesitantly took a bite of California roll with my newly acquired chopsticks mastery. Instantly I fell in love with sushi, to the point that I greedily devoured the roll and ordered a second helping. 

The most memorable part of the evening, aside from learning how to use chopsticks successfully, was when my friend, Spencer, ate the entire wasabi portion he was served at once. 

Following a second helping of heavenly crab and avocado bundled in rice, we paid the bill. We had happened to go during sushi happy hour, with each roll costing only $4. 

During normal business hours sushi prices vary from $6 to $12. The California roll is $6. Sapporo’s full menu can be found on their website  Parking is limited with a couple of spots on the street in front of the restaurant and a shared parking lot on the left side. On busy nights plan to park in the surrounding neighborhood or further down Bardstown Road.  

I would highly recommend sushi from Sapporo for a good time with  great people and excellent food.

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