By Rhiannon Burns, Staff Writer

Bellarmine’s annual Campus Engagement Awards recognize the outstanding groups on campus for all of their hard work throughout the year. This year’s ceremony, which was hosted by the Student Activity Council and the RSO affairs committee of SGA, was held April 22.

More than 100 people attended the annual awards ceremony, and more than 30 different awards were presented.

Jack Clines, an SGA committee member, said he admires the dedication of Bellarmine students and feels that the Campus Engagement Awards ceremony is a great way to honor them.

“We make sure that the RSO’s and other participants know that we appreciate what they do by trying to better Bellarmine’s campus and get student voices to be represented,” Clines said. “That’s what students want, to be united, and we want to show that we appreciate that.”

Residence Life Coordinator Bryan Hamann said he works hard to ensure students receive the credit they deserve.

“These awards are for the recognition for all of the hard work the student leaders and students as a whole that have put in throughout the year,” Hamann said. “We have put in awards that recognized different aspects of our student organizations, including best public relations that they have done. We also do awards that are selected through nominations by the whole campus community.”

One of the biggest moments of the night was the announcement of the 5-star RSOs. The 5-star RSOs met all their requirements plus additional pieces, such as workshop series, leadership series and fundraising.

Director of Student Activities Jessica Lynch has worked on the Campus Engagement Awards for three years now.

“This ceremony serves as a way to recognize students who are engaged outside of the classroom, which ranges from RSOs, professional excellence, club sports and residence of the year,” Lynch said.

The ceremony started with an invocation and a welcome from Bellarmine President Dr. Susan Donovan. She thanked students for attending and serving as valuable members of the Bellarmine community.

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