Editor’s Note: The University Dining Hall was re-inspected on the evening of Oct. 10 and given a score of 98 for an A rating. The story below was written and posted prior to this update.

By: Breanna Willis and Brentley Kalata

University Dining Hall received a C from health inspectors who found two critical violations of the state’s food safety code. UDH has never received a C rating, which must be posted for seven to 10 days in a public area.

UDH received a C rating because it did not meet the state regulations for “Food Condition, Safe Temps” and “Equipment/Dishware Sanitized.” 

•           “Food Condition, Safe Temps” category means that food sitting out did not display a time or date on the product, which can affect its temperature. 

•           The “Equipment/Dishware Sanitized” violation means that UDH had “improper dish and equipment washing,” which was caused by improper temperature or use of an improper sanitizer. 

UDH had to use paper and plastic service ware after being cited for not having proper dishwashing equipment.

“Everything has been resolved,” Dean of Students Dr. Sean McGreevey said. 

McGreevey said UDH’s rating was an equipment issue and not a food quality issue. 

“I have had a ton of conversations about it, particularly about this being a dishwasher equipment issue. I think, you know, if you watch the news and people talk about ‘there’s bug issues,’ there was none of that,” he said.

McGreevey said although UDH received the C rating, the score of an 86 was still in the “A” rating range. The 86 score is an A rating, unless there are critical violations, which automatically drops the A rating to a C rating, according to the “Health & Wellness” page on the City of Louisville’s website, louisvilleky.gov.

McGreevey said he expects UDH to pass the inspection when the health inspector returns within the next few days.

Bellarmine junior Layla Colakovic said the rating did not surprise her. 

“This does not as shock me. I have often wondered about the health safety at UDH and this grading just reassures my beliefs on the food safety here,” she said. 

Alex Hill wants to save her money by going to UDH as opposed to eating off campus. 

”I am totally grossed out with the inspections, and I will not be going back until UDH has an A rating or it gets shut down,” Hill said.

Preston Rhodes, a freshman student living on campus, said he eats at UDH every day.

“Inspections like this happen all the time,” Rhodes said. “The Dining Hall still has the opportunity to raise its rating. I enjoy eating here and look forward to health standards going back up and maybe the food will be better.”

Sodexo employees, including general manager Louis Gornick, declined to comment on the rating and reinspection.  

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