Written by: Abigail Burke

Videography by: Cole Scott

Sleep deprived and on caffeine highs, students know where to go study during midterms, the weekends and during finals. 

Everyone knows that caffeine is a necessity when studying for midterms. Luckily, Bellarmine is surrounded by local and eco-friendly coffee shops to keep students’ caffeine levels high. 

Sunergos and Safai are two nearby and very popular coffee shops in the Highlands neighborhood that are consistently occupied with Bellarmine students and staff. Students enjoy going to these two unique coffee shops for a laid-back study hub and a place to drink eco-friendly coffee. 

“One of the reasons I love Sunergos so much is because you can take your disposable cup back to the baristas at the end and they recycle it so it doesn’t go to waste,” Bellarmine junior Taylor Marden, said. Marden said that she studies at Sunergos several times a week during midterms. 

An environmentally friendly act Marden does when she studies at Sunergos is not using straws with coffee or any other drink she orders. “I definitely won’t get a straw, one of my roommates is big about straws … I just sip,” Marden said. 

Another important factor that makes a coffee shop environmentally friendly is fair-trade coffee. Safai Coffee is on Bardstown Road embraces the idea of fair-trade coffee. Not only is this a place where students, like Jack Hunsicker study, but it is also a place that supports fair wages for coffee harvesters. 

“Fair trade is super important because it’s what ensures social, economic and environmental responsibility within a local community, said junior environmental science major Hunsicker said. “So, it’s making sure workers are adults, not children, and they’re paid fair wages, so fair trade is important.”

Hunsicker also had some environmentally friendly advice for avid coffee drinkers. “The biggest thing besides buying organic, fair-trade, and certified coffee is bringing a reusable mug if you can,” Hunsicker said. “If you need to use a straw definitely get a reusable one. It is super easy and not too difficult to clean.”

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