By Elise Parrill 

On the outside, senior Austin Moore is just like most college students. He works hard and drinks a lot of coffee, but he has a secret that few people know about. A psychology student by day, Moore is a talented rapper who writes and produces songs in his spare time. 

Also known as Oliver Kasady in the music world, Moore has written one album while at Bellarmine and nine albums total. Along with his rapping skills, Moore is also a well-rounded musician.

“I play piano, a little bit of ukulele and produce all of my own stuff,” Moore said.

Music allows him to express his creative side and relax. He said it helps him embrace a different part of his personality.

“Whenever I make music, I take on a different persona. I feel more confident. I feel like I can be someone that I can’t normally be,” Moore said. 

Music became a big part of Moore’s life from a young age. 

“The way I got into music in the beginning was interesting,” Moore said. “However, my dad was a DJ and that was my introduction to a wide array of music.”

Although his dad introduced him to music, Moore’s creativity was sparked by a clever discovery.

“I had the video game Rock Band, and I had the little microphone. I found out one day that it plugs into the computer. I thought ‘what if I took a Michael Jackson instrumental and just rapped over it?’” Moore said.

After producing several albums and performing at Bellaroo, Moore is working on a larger project.

“I am composing a score for a feature indie film “The Incredible Jake Parker”. It’s coming out next year. I also wrote a song that’s going to be featured in the film,” Moore said. 

This accomplishment is the first step toward one of Moore’s many musical goals. 

“I would really love to have a future in film scores. My ideal goal, though, is to make a score for a video game,” Moore said.

Despite being a minor rapper, Moore has many dedicated and encouraging fans. 

Bellarmine student Andrew Olson has been a fan of Moore’s music for three years.

“Austin’s passion for music is intense. He is constantly making new music, writing loads of possible song material and finding new ways to develop his sound,” Olson said. 

Fans say that Moore’s songs are different from popular rap songs.

“I feel something. Unlike most other artists, he makes me feel something,” said Jefferson Community and Technical College student Zack DeVoe. 

Similarly, Olson said, “Austin’s music makes me feel like my car is driving 100 mph down the open highway, wearing a million dollar suit.”

Moore’s music can be found at the links below:

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