By Dalila Bevab

Eyelashes are one of the most important aspects of an everyday makeup routine. Some girls like theirs to be natural and subtle, while some glam queens want their lashes to flutter dramatically, giving Snow White a run for her money.

Removable false lashes can be a hassle and a big expense, especially for college students who have little money to invest in quality adhesive and a good pair of lashes. But freshman business administration major and entrepreneur Kenna Mink runs her own successful lash extension business helping others cut the costs and inconvenience that come with the lashes.

Her company, Mink’s Lashes, is named after the most popular style of lashes currently in the market. And it’s an added bonus that it happens to also be her last name.

In November 2018, Mink started her business shortly after getting certified through classes offered by her lash technician. Mink said, “Once I have an idea, I go get it. It was just like, ‘Oh, maybe lashes will be cool, and so, here we are.” She initially marketed it using Instagram.

Mink said she doesn’t always want to do lashes herself and wants to hire others to work for her. “I would do them every now and then because I want to manage a restaurant as well, and I know that will take up a lot of my time,” she said.

Mink estimates she’s served 75 satisfied clients since she started her business.  

Friend and dedicated client Faye Taylor praises Mink’s ambition and said she was proud to hear that a close friend was in the cosmetic business. Taylor gets her lashes done every month by Mink because she feels “confident with them.”

Taylor said, “She also shows her artistic abilities because she gets people’s lashes done exactly how they want them, no matter how natural or elaborate they may be.”

Wesley Lynch has been a loyal client of Mink’s from the beginning, and she hasn’t gone to anyone else in Louisville for the service. “I love to see young women be entrepreneurs, especially women of color, and I think it’s super important that their stories are shared,” Lynch said.

Making people happy at the end of the day is her main motivation and driving force, Mink said. Not only does Mink have a side hustle, but she is also extremely invested in the Student Government Association (SGA) as a freshman representative.

 “I have seen her apply so many lashes and she is so diligent and very good at them. Every client walks out with the biggest smile, and she is so bright that is she is smiling along right with them,” said Kelze’ Riley, the SGA vice president of community engagement and campus culture.

There are misconceptions when it comes to any kind of cosmetic enhancement, but Mink said the process is not painful if not done correctly. “It’s just taking one individual lash and gluing it to each natural lash,” she said.

Taking care of her customers and making them feel comfortable is most important to her. If something were to go wrong, Mink said she would fix the problem for free.

Mink said she has advice for young, ambitious entrepreneurs on campus seeking to start their own business. “Go for it because failure is only room to improve. There’s always someone to get advice from. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help. It’s natural to be afraid of failure but use it to your advantage,” she said.

Mink’s prices are: $65 for a classic full set, and $45 for the semi-monthly fill-in. For those wanting more dramatic and voluminous lashes to flutter, the full set is $95, and the fill-in is $65. Bellarmine students receive $10 off their first full set.

To book an appointment with Mink, send her a direct message on Instagram.

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