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As we near the end of January, most people’s New Year’s resolutions are more than likely long gone from their memory. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Fallen off the wagon yet? Well, I looked into how to work on your New year’s resolutions on campus. I also talked to a few Bellarmine students about their resolutions and how they’re doing. 

There are a number of different kinds of New Year’s resolutions and multiple ways to work on them. For example, if you are trying to get fit in the New Year, as many people are, then you should go check out what the SuRF has to offer. They have several class options at different times so there is a little something for everyone. 

Are you trying to eat healthier in the New Year? Well, Bellarmine has the right place for you! There is a brand new salad shop on campus in Café Ogle called Farmer’s Fields. It is a  delicious and nutritious made-to-order salad bar. The store offers a wide array of salad options and different ways to customize them to your liking. This restaurant’s many options make it a healthy place that is sure to enjoy. 

            I talked to several Bellarmine students about their resolutions and how they’re doing.  

Holly Van de Vate, who is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies and double minoring in Business and Biology, is working on her physical health for the New Year. Holly Van De Vate is succeeding in her resolutions. “I am keeping a gym log and trying to go (to the gym) three to four times a week” said Van de Vate.  She also said that she has “been keeping up with it really well and haven’t missed my goal”. 

Lilly Ledford is another student working on her New Year’s goals. She is a sophomore psychology major with an emphasis in Human Resources. One of her goals is to be “more open to change and how to accept things from the past and make them into positive things,” said Ledford. She also said she is succeeding in her goals “because [she is] putting things that happened in the past in the past and rekindling relationships that were altered out of context.” Ledford is also “focusing more on myself by going to the gym more and doing what I like to do.”

Gabi Ranaudo is a sophomore nursing major. Her goal in the New Year is to “start making working out a priority”. She is succeeding in her New Year’s resolution. She said, as far as her progress towards this goal goes, she has “been sticking to it”. 

These students are doing great work on their New Year’s goals on campus and you should too! So now that you know of some different ways to work on your New Year’s resolutions, get out on campus and get busy. 

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