By: Samantha Moore

Bellarmine recently launched its community discord server, which allows for digital distribution primarily in text, image, video and audio. This platform is purely for fun and socialization.

“The big reason I joined was really just to have a sense of community with Bellarmine again,” Bellarmine senior Jacob Lashley said. “I’ve really missed the personal connections I had on campus, so when I saw one of Bellarmine’s Instagram account advertising this discord, I figured that would be a fun way to get something close to that.”

In Bellarmine’s discord, there are several premade text channels for chatting, such as sports, pet pictures, memes, selfies, TikToks and music, along with a variety of online gaming text and voice channels.

“I’m already getting myself through quarantine with memes,” Lashley said. “Why not have a place to share them with other people from Bellarmine?”

This platform provides a place for students to kick back, relax and hang out with their friends again.

“The whole idea is that we want to have our students be able to engage with one another in a central platform,” said Cynthia Lally, Bellarmine’s assistant director of intramural and club sports.  “Kind of like Centro when you’re on campus, but now you’re online.”

The discord is available to all Bellarmine community members.

“I’ve been using this platform for a while and it’s been a nice way to connect with my friends when not physically near each other,” Bellarmine senior James Schwartz said.

The app is geared specifically toward video game players, providing them with ways to find each other, coordinate play and communicate while playing. The app supports video calls, voice chat and text.

“During these trying times, discord is a perfect (and safe) way to chat, video, call, and share content with friends,” said Patrick Riley, Bellarmine residence life coordinator. “It doesn’t always have to be ‘gaming’ content. In the BU Discord, we have voice and chat channels for pet pictures, memes, tic toks, and can create one for just about anything.”

This platform is a free app available on all devices (laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, etc.)  

Anyone wishing to join the server can contact Cynthia Lally at or sign up at

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