Bellarmine recently announced it’s moving classes for the summer term to an online format due to the coronavirus. So, with classes happening only online, and many people out of work because of the coronavirus, what are students planning to do this summer?     

Gabriella Ranaudo, a sophomore nursing major, said she will hopefully be working at the summer camp she works at every summer. Although her backup plan if the summer camp job does not workout is to, “work as a nursing assistant at a hospital close to (her) house.”

Hailey Thompson, a sophomore psychology major, has a part time job at Lowe’s that she plans to keep throughout the summer. She said, “If things start opening back up in the next two months, (then she) is going to try and get a second job.” 

Hannah McKenna, a graduating senior, has a job interview scheduled for next week. McKenna also said over the summer break she would like to cook and bake more and that she will also be nannying for the summer.

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